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  • 978-967-2054-79-5


Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-2054-79-5
Pages 69
Year 2018

The main idea of this book revolves around the knowledge regarding all types of surface finishing techniques. It consists of the details of various types of surface finishing techniques and their explanations. This book is the compilation of several surface finish methods available in the manufacturing process. The subject title is chosen to be Surface Finishing in Manufacturing Process concerning the surface finishing techniques to highlight the importance of implementing proper surface finishing in manufacturing productions. Improvements on manufacturing products quality due to correct implementations of surface finishing technique is one of the main motivations in compiling the book. The book covers the importance of implementing surface finishing techniques in manufacturing, suitability of each surface finishing base on products materials and designs as well as the limitations of existing surface finishing techniques. This book is intended to educate young engineers about the ways to perfect the product designs. While writing the books, the team of researchers went through very carefully every journal and the works of scholars regarding the topic. The journey of writing this book is full of joy and excitement. Through task distributions among the researchers, a fund of information is gathered, analysed and compiled in this book. It is hard to collect every piece of information as the field is large. This book is unique in nature and suitable for readers ranging from beginners to the expert in the field of machining and manufacturing. The book was completed in June 2017 spending a long time of one month. Readers may find this book useful if they seek for some information for surface finishing processes.




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