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  • 978-967-5080-52-4

Developing Delivery Skills

Author CMLHS
Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-5080-52-4
Pages 92
Year 2009
Language English

this is one of the three manuals specially written to address the problem of English proficiency among the lecturers of private colleges and universities in this country. This cause of concern was initiated by Pembangunan Sumber Manusis Berhad (PSMB) and the challenge to write a relevant manual was undertaken by the lecturers of Pusat Bahasa Moden dan Sains Kemanusian (PBMSK) of Universiti Malaysia Pahang.


Chapter 1 : Understanding And Developing Presentation Skills
Chapter 2 : Using Various Techniques of Asking Question
Chapter 3 : Giving Constructive Feedback and Comments
Chapter 4 : Using Instructional Language
Chapter 5 : Responding of Learners' Behaviour
Chapter 6 : Exploring of Commonly Used Terminologies in Specific Areas of Expertise
Chapter 7 : Understanding Procedures and Outcomes
Chapter 8 : Teaching Creatively
Chapter 9 : Carrying Out a Micro Teaching Session



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