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  • 978-967-5080-60-9

Engineers & Society For First Year Engineering Students

Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-5080-60-9
Pages 74
Year 2009
Language English

This module is to introduce students to chemical engineering and its role as a profession in addressing contemporary technological, social, ethical and economical issues in todays world. The topics will include examples of how chemical engineers apply the principles of physics, chemistry and biology to develop new products, improve process efficiencies, and alleviate the strain on the ecosystem through the design of novel environmentally conscious process. In addition, the topics will highlight exciting new areas that being advanced now by chemical engineers, such as biochemical engineering, tissue engineering, nanoparticle fabrication, and processing smart polymers for applications in computer technology and as sensors.


Chapter 01 : Introduction of Engineers and Society
Chapter 02 : Engineering Background
Chapter 03 : Engineering As a Profession
Chapter 04 : Engineering Ethics
Chapter 05 : Engineering Communications
Chapter 06 : Engineering Management
Chapter 07 : Engineering of Contributions
Chapter 08 : Towards a Philosophy in Engineering
Chapter 09 : Sociological Insights
Chapter 10 : Innovation Process



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