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  • 978-967-0120-41-52-2

German For Beginners

Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-0120-41-52-2
Pages 61
Year 2012
Language English

Its never too late to learn a new language. But there is one prerequisite, which apparently you have, because youre reading this book: You need interest in the subject! Only you know exactly why youre interested in German. It doesnt really matter what your reason is. What matters is that you have the interest, and thats the initial key to success. Being able to communicate in German will open doors for you that most non-German-speaking travellers never even know exist. You can experience the native culture because culture and language are interrelated. You have to study the phrases and practice them. And remember that languagewhether German, English, Arabic, or Japaneseis first and foremost a spoken entity. You have to speak. You have to practice your phrases out loud. Just thinking them or reading them to yourself wont do. Languages are spoken. Here in Malaysia, the Malaysians are encouraged to learn a third language in order to enhance relationship and understanding of other ethnic groups thus strengthening national unity.


Chapter 1 : Das Alphabet
Chapter 2 : Familie und Freunde.
Chapter 3 : Essen und Trinken.
Chapter 4 : Die Uhrzeit  Offiziell
Chapter 5 : Die Uhrzeit  Inoffiziell.
Chapter 6 : Grammatik├╝bersicht



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