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  • 978-967-5080-18-0

Asas Bahasa Jepun 1

Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-5080-18-0
Pages 107
Year 2008
Language Malay

KihonTeki Na Nihongo 1 is the first basic Japanese reference book published by the Third Language Program under Centre for Modem Languages & Human Sciences (CMLHS). This book serves as the main reference for University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students to learn and acquire basic Japanese communication skills. The book begins with the introduction of hiragana writing before exposing the students to common phrases in everyday conversation. It also relate some common phrases of spoken languages that they may need to use in the class with their course mates or sensei. The illustrations in this book are meant to assist students to better understand the language.


Chapter 1 : Dai Ik (1) - Ka
Chapter 2 : Dai Ni (2) - Ka
Chapter 3 : Dai San (3) - Ka
Chapter 4 : Dai Yon (4) - Ka
Chapter 5 : Dai Go (5) - Ka



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