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  • 978-967-0120-56-0

Teaching Module Physics

Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-0120-56-0
Pages 106
Year 2012
Language English

TEACHING MODULE DUF1113 for UNDERGRADUATE (DIPLOMA) ENGINEERING STUDENT was written in the spirit of helping undergraduate engineering students to learn Physics as their fundamental engineering science This module is specifically written base on curriculum DUF1113 developed by Faculty of Industrial Sciences & Technology The chapter are arranged in a manner to suit the sequence of the five components of physics, i e Unit and Measurements (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2), Static (Chapter 3), Mechanic (Chapter 4 and Chapter 5), Fluid (Chapter 6), Electricity (Chapter 7) and Magnetism (Chapter 8) Review questions or exercises are prepared at the end of each chapter to enhance students understanding Lectures may use the exercises for their tutorial classes Answer to the tutorials will be available for the lectures who use this book as their texts


Chapter 1 : Unit Measurement, Conversion And Vectors
Chapter 2 : Describing Motion : Kinematic In One Dimension (1D)
Chapter 3 : Kinematics In Two Dimension (2-D); Vectors
Chapter 4 : Newton's Law Of Motion
Chapter 5 : Work, Energy And Power
Chapter 6 : Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 7 : Electric Field And Electric Forces
Chapter 8 : Magnetic Field And Magnetic Forces



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