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  • 978-967-0691-03-9

Manufacturing Process : Laboratory Manual

Category Modul
ISBN 978-967-0691-03-9
Pages 64
Year 2014
Language English

This manual is published for subject the Manufacturing Process Laboratory course, offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University Malaysia Pahang. This course is designed to provide hands-on experiences to engineering students by adopting the outcome based learning (OBE) method during laboratory session. By taking this course, it given an opportunity for university student to practice their knowledge in manufacturing process, the sheet metal forming, the casting, and the welding process. This manual can be adopted by other institution with similar teaching objectives, considering certain modification


Chapter 1 : Courses Overview
Chapter 2 : Plastic Technology
Chapter 3 : Sheet Metal Forming
Chapter 4 : CNC Machining
Chapter 5 : Casting
Chapter 6 : Welding
Chapter 7 : Appendix
Chapter 8 : Manufacturing Process Glossary



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